The idea of an exclusive bar that catered to a more upscale clientele. The fact that No Vacancy was almost a reservation only was meant to really preserve the integrity of being able to have a decent drink and still have a conversation. The idea of an old highway motel with the VACANCY/NO VACANCY sign was the inspiration behind the concept, evocative of the nostalgia of long days on the road and the relief at seeing red neon and the promise of lodging.

The interior design theme features an abundance of natural wood motifs, along with earth-toned furniture, mirrors, and natural lights. We still wanted to have fun with the space, as you can see by the restrooms: the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake motifs have been a big hit. We wanted patrons to have an experience, and being able to come out of the bathroom and tell each other you were hanging out with 90’s/2000’s pop culture stars is an experience we thought would add an element of fun, retro kitsch.

Privacy Preference Center